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Policy & Terms

Reservations and Booking Policies




* ALL Guests are subject to an additional security deposit until further notice. We ask for $300 to cover potential costs. If damage exceeds $300, you agree to reimburse us for any damages. See security deposits below.


* You agree to completely read and agree to the Reservation and Booking Policy, prior to booking your reservation. During the booking process, you will agree to observe the House Rules.


* In your reservation or inquiry, please provide your age and the nature of your visit.


* If you are under 25, please indicate your exact age and give an explanation of why you feel you will not ruin it for everyone in your age group and request to book.


* After booking, you will receive a request for a $300 security deposit. You will not receive check-in instructions without first paying the deposit.


* You will be asked to upload a photo ID to your profile. This photo will be used to check in the Guest.


* You will receive a Short Term Rental agreement reiterating our rules. By signing, you agree to adhere to the house rules and accept financial responsibility for any fines incurred in relation to your Guests or your stay. You cannot receive check-in instructions without signing the Short Term Rental Agreement. A copy of the agreement can be found within this listing.


* A copy of the credit card used to book, with only the last four digits showing, shall be available at check-in to ascertain the identity of the Guest.


Dog Policy


We are now accepting Dogs. Again, don't mess it up for everyone. There is a Dog fee of $100 (cheaper than boarding!) and a damage deposit of $100 for small friendly dog breeds. Sorry, no cats, due to the possibility of furniture damage.


* If you are bringing a pet, you must indicate it in your reservation. Non-registered animals are a violation of your rental agreement and you will be subject to the cancelation of your reservation and immediate ejection. We will send you the additional documents required to register your pet. Don't let the dog catcher get Fluffy!


Purpose of your Visit


Some Guests come for funerals and some for fun. The unit is for your personal use and as long as the activities are lawful in nature, I'm not here to judge and I kind of don't care what you do with your private time. I am here, however, to provide a superior experience for ALL of my Guests. That means whatever you do, do it inside your unit, and it should not affect other Guests, via noise, sight, or smell. If you like to hang out in the yard or in the hallways, please find another spot. Not for Business Use: No massage parties or vendor parties allowed due to City of Chicago Business Use and Public Place of Amusement (PPA) laws. You cannot sell tickets to anything you are hosting at the unit.

Bachelor Parties, adult films, and swinger groups under 20 are okay, again, watch the noise and the lube. Please indicate your use, as we want to ascertain a good fit. I also host religious groups; I like to let Guests know who else will be staying at the building at the same time of their booking.


Booking Guest Age Requirements

The Spark Clubs hosts mature adults only, we limit our Booking Guests to those 25 and older. Children, under the age of 18 are welcome when accompanied by an adult at all times. If you are under 25 and wish to utilize our property, please inbox us. It's better to ask for permission than forgiveness. If you are under 25 and book our property, or book the property for persons under the age of 25, you are subject to ejection from the premises and no hope of a refund as well as notifying the Online Travel Agent.


Security Deposit for all Guests. In order to ensure a great experience for us all, we have instituted an additional policy to secure the reservation.

1) Upon booking, you will receive a message indicating you need to satisfy your security deposit, which must be paid upfront when the reservation is confirmed.

2) Security deposit= $300

3) Check-in instructions are triggered by the security deposit payment in full.

4) Security must be paid through the Airbnb platform 72 hours prior to check-in to receive check-in instructions.

5) When your reservation is complete, and we find that no damages are done we will refund the deposit. Typically in less than 24 hours but never more than 48 hours.


Reasons for losing your deposit

As you can tell by my reviews, we are in the business of leasing accommodations, not keeping security deposits. Over the past three years, we have had to keep only a few. Most of our guests have been amazing and truly make this worthwhile. However, for those of you who have been raised by wolves, we have to institute this policy.


1. By booking with us, you agree to our determination of whether or not tobacco was consumed inside the unit.

2. Excessive property damage is the responsibility of the Guest. If the toilet stops working, that's our fault. But if you shoved a boatload of sanitary napkins down the toilet, that becomes your fault, understand? We expect wear and tear, but holes in the walls? No. Also, this includes linens, please do not allow your Guests to consume food and beverages in the bedrooms to alleviate this problem.

3. Unauthorized parties. At this time we are unable to allow gatherings of over 20 people. Contact us if you need an event site! We offer cannabis-friendly event spaces holding up to 200 souls. The City is fining Landlords up to $20,000 for infractions, and you will agree to pay any fines incurred, in full, in association with your unapproved event.

4. Excessive noise. No, you can't bring speakers. This is not a party spot, and it's just rude.


We now employ security who monitor all of our units. Our security team employs a number of methods to detect and stop abuses to the property or its residents. If you're following the House Rules, you will probably never see or hear from security. However; if you are asked to reduce the noise or given any instruction by a representative of Spark Clubs, please adhere immediately. Otherwise, security and/or the police will eject you from the unit for any unruly behavior. You will receive no refund.


*Please Note: If your stay is 14 days or longer, you will be required to pay a mid-stay clean fee every 14 days. This additional fee allows us to inspect and maintain our property at the highest standards.*




The Booking Guests in a Spark Clubs Clubhouse are honorary club members during their stay. Through Membership, Guests are able to access experiences and events only available to members. Upon booking, we ask you to provide us with complete contact information. This will allow us to provide you with continued cannabis experience-focused discounts and opportunities unavailable to the general public, in addition to a discounted invitation to return and sample more of our offerings.


Cannabis Consumption Policy


Many of our Guests do not consume cannabis so we maintain policies to ensure the air in the hallways and units stays clear. In addition, The Spark Clubs promotes wellness through Cannabis. Translation: NO TOBACCO, CIGARS, CIGARETTES, BLUNTS, OR CIGAR WRAPPERS due to the chemicals and carcinogens they contain. In order to maintain optimal air quality, we have specific areas for consumption. Simply slide open the window in the rear and turn on the extraction fan and all cannabis smoke will extract. It doesn’t work with tobacco because of the chemicals contained in those products. We can always tell if there is tobacco smoke.


When booking with us, you give us the right to determine if there was a smoking violation and authorizing us to charge for that violation. Guests can smoke tobacco outside on the rear porch. No smoking in bedrooms or building common areas. Vaping, dab rigs, bongs, hookahs as well as regular rolling papers, are fine.

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