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Get to Know Our Team!
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Holly DuPart

Holly, Fairy God Mother of Weed. Entering the second half of my life with incredible excitement in expectation of all the good I will find. I would love to learn a language other than English.


As a child I was influenced by family as we were surrounded by them all the time.  I learned solid middle class values and ethics and how to work as a member of a group.  As I grew up I loved the messages of artists, musicians poets and writers. I love creativity and the creative process and enjoy working with other creatives. Visiting Paisley Park, The Prince Museum, reignited my desire to create a place for the creative.


Nothing more fun that getting glammed up in evening attire, I will Ball Out on a moments notice.


I want our Guests to feel our place was an integral part of an exceptional life event.


I’m really into the hosting thing, I truly love creating the perfect soundstage for your life event.  When I get positive feedback from Guests and know we are doing the right things and treating people right, I’m good. 


Costa Rica will remain my favorite as it was the last extended family vacation that included my Mother.  The trip was filled with adventure; white water rafting, ATV cycling, zip lining, repelling, and we made a ton of memories.  A perfect moment in time.


Travel tips:  Don’t travel with cannabis, it’s illegal to cross state lines with it.  Join a community that will help you locate quality cannabis wherever you travel. You will get fresh product at a more reasonable cost with reduced stress as well as make a future friend.

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Marcia Cutright

Marcia Cutright is a Registered Nurse and Licensed and insured Massage Therapist certified in Sports Massage with years of experience and knowledge of the craft.



Bio pending

Chef Rahim Muhammad

Chef extraordinaire Rahim Muhammad was brought up in Baton rouge, Louisiana and Chicago, Illinois where his mother, grandmother and father were all chefs. You could say cooking is in his blood! He learnt basic cooking techniques from his mother and went on to receive an A.A.S. from The Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago (Le Cordon Bleu). He has been in the food industry for 15 years and has been working for Celebrity Chef Art Smith. ​Over the past 12 years, he has had the pleasure of working in concessions, catering, casual dining, fine dining, banquets, live action and as a private chef which has given him a wide array of experiences that he is very thankful for. Experience is the best teacher in this industry!

The thing that inspires him the most is being able to use food as a medium to transfer good energy, experiences and health to people, all while doing something I love and he is passionate about being able provide others with some of the opportunities I have received with in the industry. His favorite things to cook with are aromatics and roux. His favorite things about the food industry are that it shows a genuine concern for the environment, it embraces scratch cooking (this helps preserve the nutritional content and medicinal aspects of food) and the 

B.A. strives to source local food whenever possible which empowers students and staff to know where their food comes from. Creole crawfish mac & cheese bites and gumbo shrimp cocktail inspired him to choose the items on the menu.

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